March 2023 Production Updates

Happy Friday, y’all. February was a busy month and the theme continues into March.
For the full update, please read: March 2023 Production Updates | Sienci Labs

  • Lead times for LongMills and LaserBeams are expected to stay higher than normal as sales volumes continue to be high. We’ve recently brought on new staff to help produce faster, but we are expected to hit some bottlenecks depending on stock availability. We are expecting to restock on parts in late March.
  • We are working on growing our team and looking at a new, larger home for Sienci Labs!
  • There are still customs hold-ups occurring for LongMill shipments to the US. Please read our blog for more info if you are affected.

Happy making and have a great weekend!

High sales is a good problem to have. I am sure you guys will figure out a way to bring down the lead times. I am a week and a half into my wait, but I am using the time to run electric, build my table and get better acquainted with Gsender and Vectric. Basically busy work to keep me from thinking about the wait!