March 24 - March 31, 2023 "A Project That is Decorative" Contest

Happy Spring, everyone! Thank you to those who entered the contest this week, where we asked creators to share their best flag projects made on their LongMill.

We are happy to announce that @allison.dunbabin, Joseph Darnell, Steve McGinnis, Matt Kile, @Danno123, and Michael McCurley are the winners of the "A Project That is a Flag” contest! Watch out for a prize!

The theme of the week is “projects that are decorative”! Share with us something you have created on the LongMill that was used to decorate your space. These projects include any wall art like signs, picture frames, wall carvings, figurines/statues, and other cool decorative items. We will choose our favourite decorative projects and send prizes to the creators!

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Happy creating!

I had a request for a candy cart for a Junior High Drama production, Willy Wonka. I bought the plans from Cult 3D imported them to Easel Inventables and then had to scale them, adjust inside outside cuts, tabs, and depths. The biggest learning was using the tile feature for the first time. I also added hardwood flanges glued to the inner and outer wheel and spacers to run 1/4" carriage bolts through since the original wheels didn’t roll. It’s almost finished being painted, just in time for the show next week.

This is a project that I made for my niece. The plans for the tricycle were purchased on Etsy and cut with a laser on the LongMill. The pots I designed in OpenSCAD and 3D printed on my Prusa i3 MK3S. The pots have holes and a catch basin at the bottom so they could be used as planters for herbs or for candies etc.

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Made this for my wife. The frame is blue stained pine with puzzle joints (thanks Tailmaker) and a Celtic weave created with the Vectric gadget. The back side has a recess for the glass and backer to sit in and a keyhole slot to hang it on a nail. The diamond drag was done on the back side of the glass and features a custom tree created from a 3D model and a custom weave around the tree, also from a 3D model that I had to create. The Vectric clipart circle weave was just too big so I made a smaller version. It was a fun and challenging project, all done on the Longmill.

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Made this for my wife she was wanting a shelf needed to have this saying on it. Used some reclaimed wood from a old park bench