Marvel Comics "Aztec" calendar

It is the Marvel one. I’m going to start the others today. These will be going to a few kids in my area. I think I may try to pick a spot in the design for their name. If I can get it to flow with the rest of it.

lol I just noticed this is the file I started modifying the characters in. It has the Samual L Jackson “Nick Fury” instead of the original.


@Swinly It looks great, Lonnie. With your OK, I’m going to move it to a thread of its own so that it is not lost in this Jame Bond thread.

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Yes, you can move it if you like.

Hopefully, I can finish my take on it soon. I have a collage of characters I’m working on to put in the center. I need to figure out if I can group vectors by color so I can stop confusing myself when I zoom in to clip them.

Could you put each color on a different layer? Would that help?

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I’ll give that a try

Wow would like to try this, is the file shareable?

@Jasper.tizon Look on He has a few different ones and they are all free.

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