Material sourcing - two tone HDPE

Hi all, I’m looking to source out some two-tone HDPE to make some weatherproof signs, but I’m having a very hard time sourcing them out in Ontario - lots of options in the states, and none here.

Has anyone else looked into this material before or know of a place that sells it?

@MikeKoning Long time, no post, Mike. Good to see you back.

I don’t know where you are in Ontario, but Laird Plastics has two locations in Ontario - Toronto and Ottawa. I just spoke to the Ottawa office and they can get two-tone HDPE. I didn’t know what colour you are looking for, so I didn’t go beyond seeing if they could even get it. Here is their website:

Another company here in Ottawa is Canus Plastics. Here is their site:

I just spoke to them. They can get all sorts of colours, so you would need to talk to them to see if they can get what you want.

One thing both companies mentioned is that the product that they carry is a “sandwich”. Think Oreo cookie. The front and back surface is one colour, with a different colour in between.

Good luck.

This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you

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