Material Test vs. Project Cut

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I ran a material test on Lightburn, using 6 mm plywood - the laser cut through in 8 passes, at 50% to 100% power, at 5mm / second. Scorching was not bad at 70 - 80% power, so this is what I opted to try out.

I am using the G2 lens and Z step of 0.75 mm per pass. The laser driver is maxxed out with dip switch 5.

When I apply the same settings to the same material, it won’t cut through at any power setting with 8 passes… I don’t think I am missing any settings, but if anyone has some insight here this would help!

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@Wolfe6 Hey Matt! I would like to welcome you to the forum. Great folks here, willing to assist. Now I am not familiar with lasers as I don’t own one yet, but I am sure someone will chime in. They will probably be asking about your laser and CNC type. That may help solve your issue. Additional request, which is somewhat selfish, but when you solve your problem, take a moment to update us in how you resolved. Thanks and once again welcome !matt!

Thank you Jake! I will certainly add to the forum when I hear about a solution. I have since found a loose heatsink in the driver, so I’ve forwarded that to Sienci. Their tech support has always been good!

I am running their 7 watt laser on a 30 x 30 Longmill Version 1.

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