Max thickness cut

I always do these types of thick stock cuts the way @brewpickles described. Work holding is easy because you’re not cutting through. I just use a jigsaw and then a flush trim bit on a table or handheld router.
Or you could cut a template on the CNC and use that.

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@Bill It is good of you to share your files. It may be of more help if you share your .crv file so that members with VCarve can see how you set things up.

@NeilFerreri Like you and @brewpickles, I use “onion skins” on many of my projects. I’m spoiled in that I have a band saw and a router table, so onion skins are very simple to remove.

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@gwilki makes sense to me, will do it later, I will upload the crv & the finished pic today. I am a fan of this double sided machining, I have a grizzly bandsaw, also a router table with a jessem lift, nothing i can do on those achieves the simplicity and accuracy of my longmill, that’s why i prefer it.

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@Bill I’m glad that it worked out for you Bill. One thing you can try with double-sided cuts like this one where the top and bottom are the same is to overlap the bottom cut with the top cut by a small amount. That will eliminate any seam that you may see. So, with a 4" deep piece, cut say 2" on the top cut and 2 1/8" on the bottom. Be sure to set tabs, preferably 3D tabs for cuts like this.

Thanks again for posting your project.

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Hi Grant I cleaned up the post a bit, deleted the gcode and uploaded the the .crv. With the 3" stock i did 1.5 & 1.6 for a little overlap, minor sanding to clean up, seems easier than a one step process and turning it into a 3 step process.


Ready for final sanding & finish

This is where we got the idea, Our top is a 11.5 X 17 oval with live edge mesquite with black epoxy poor and the bottom shelf is wood. It will be lower designed to fit between two recliners.



I like the look of the ‘inspiration’ table and your choice of materials for your build. It’s looking good so far, I do hope you share the final result!

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@_Michael will do, feels good to be doing things.


Finished project

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