May 5 - May 19, 2023 "A Project That is Spring-Themed" Contest

Happy Friday! Thank you to those who participated in this week’s contest, where we asked creators to post their LaserBeam projects.

We are happy to announce that Mike Rickard, @jfish_93, @njwoodwrks, Jackie Christiansen, Mike Born, and @SFairchild are the winners of the "LaserBeam Projects” contest! Watch out for a prize!

Happy Spring, everyone! Help us celebrate this wonderful season by posting any Spring related projects such as Spring themed signs, flowers, raindrops, Mother’s Day gifts, and any other Spring themed items that were made on your LongMill. We will select what we think are the best ones and send those creators some free stuff!

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Happy making!

This Family themed project welcomes a new marriage but with origins from Mom and Dad dating back to 1980.
The material I used was 1” X 9” X 24” maple. Rough cut was with a ¼” upcut endmill and finished with a 1/16th” upcut endmill.
Initial prep was to chamfer the boarder and paint with black satin enamel prior to carving. After the final carve and minor sanding, this board was painted with satin gray enamel. The large bottom letter was painted with satin ‘buttermilk’ colored enamel, and the Top lettering painted black satin enamel.
Using a 90o V-bit, the lettering and boarder was Profile cut to approximately 0.5mm depth.
Additional boards have been made with 1” cherry. Restricting paint to the lettering only (off-white large letter and black top lettering) - along with a sprayed polyurethane finish, this process brought out the character of the bare wood.