McLaughlin Woodcraft Youtube

Hey folks, we’re a couple of Canadian first responders who have set up a garage business in BC making fun signs. We have a great Youtube channel (just type in McLaughlin Woodcraft) and we’re trying to get stuff up and running. Just having tons of fun and looking to reach out to Sienci community members and help any way we can!

We’ve 3 videos uploaded now so I hope you guys check them out. Using Easel Pro for our software choice at the moment. Happy to help.

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Where is bc? I’m from bc too.

In the north Okanagan near Vernon. Lumby

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Oh nice. I’m in Mission BC

Hey Gary! Been following as you’ve been posting new videos, looking great :smiley:

By the way, thought I’d mention our business directory as well if you happen to do CNC jobs for others: Business Directory | Sienci Labs

Thanks Chris. Updated