Memory Box. A Special CNC Gift for a Beloved Pet

Hey Makers! We have another awesome video to share today by our very own Phillip Harnden. In this video, Phill demonstrates how to make a wooden memory box using the LongMill in honour of his sister’s late dog. It’s always difficult losing a pet as they become such important members of the family. This is a very heartfelt piece to honour a pet’s life that will hold so many memories and last a lifetime.

To find out more, watch the full video linked below. Make sure to subscribe to Phill’s YouTube channel also linked below for more fun CNC content.

Link to YouTube video:
Trigger - Remembering the Best Pet - A Woodworking project with sienci long mill and xtool d1 - YouTube

Harnden Woodworks YouTube channel:

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Just want to note a comment that one of our viewers pointed out regarding a safety concern in using the bandsaw. Cutting round objects in the manner shown in the video can be prone to slipping and could result in injury. The suggestion that was made is to attach a square scrap material to the project piece to help guide the part.

This is something we didn’t think critically before posting this video, and we promise to look more closely going forward to ensure that the content that we share is done safely to make sure that viewers who wish to learn from the videos also practice good safety practices.

Thank you Grant for sharing your note and happy and safe making to everyone!

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