_Michael's cribbage board contest entry

I made this cribbage board out of walnut with a maple inlay on my MK1 30x30 LongMill. The top half was a double sided project and a laser, mounted on the LongMill, was used for the line work. The board is finished in MINWAX flat polyurethane sanded/polished to a shine.

It is a three track racetrack pattern that I designed with an separate area to keep track of games won. It has storage for the pegs, cards, and a notebook and pen in case you want to play other games like spades etc.


That’s a really nice board, Mike. I have a cribbage board on my agenda. Similar concept. Simple with elegant finishes.

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That is amazing @_Michael! I love the combination of the laser with the milling - I have been meaning to get to get more into the laser but it’s been a while since I have been in the garage.

Can’t beat the shine on that finish!

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Well that’s beautiful. Nice job.

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Gorgeous, absolutely beautiful.


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