Mill bits for hardwood

I purchased the 12x30 Longmill with a 1-1/4 HP Makita router. What is the largest facing mill bit I can get away with on hardwood? Also any recommendations on purchasing a good set of bits for wood?

You should limit the blade size to 1" at most. You should also be very careful with your depth of cut and the feed rate going that big. I would not make more than 1/8th" deep cut and no more than 800 mm a minute with a bit that big. If you go much faster you could break the shank. A smaller cutter would be able to take a little more speed. Say a 3/4"

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Thanks Gregs, your quite a contributor. Any recommendation on suppliers for good quality mill bit sets?

If your in the US I would look at Bits and Bits. I think there is a discount code if you use Jay bates code from his youtube channel. They sponsor his videos. Look at one of his latest cnc videos. you will find it soon enough. Freud makes good bits and so does Delta. You cant go wrong with either of them. Quick google search will find you decent prices. Thank for the compliment. Your very welcome.