Milling larger pieces on my Longmill

This is probably old hat for those of you who’ve been CNCers for a long time… but it’s new ground for me.

I had to mill the 4 legs for a cabinet I’m making. Here’s what the front of that cabinet looks like on the CAD program I’m using, Vectric VCarve Pro:

Credenza CAD Plan

But because the legs were all slightly longer than the 30" X or Y capacity of my mill, I simply oriented the piece diagonally at 45 degrees.

Of course, it worked like a charm and now I’ll be able to insert the curved end panels into the slot I’d milled into the inside faces of each of those leg sections.

Marty Schlosser
Kingston, Ontario, Canada


@ApexWoodworks Nicely thought out and done, Marty. :grinning:

Thanks! I’ll have to post photos of the completed credenza. Unfortunately that won’t be for a few months as we’re away on a vacation for a while.