$Mind = 'blown' ;

okaaaay… so Sunday’s a good learning day… years ago I learned Alibre CAD (later GeoMagic, later Alibre again, or something) so I decided to try to do the Fusion360 tutorials.

I have managed a CNC fab shop but never actually got intimate with the software.

I know for most of you this is nothing, but after about 2 hours (okay, 4) I figured out toolpath simulation and I’m just blown away at how cool this is.

Can’t wait…

What software is this in the picture?

Fusion360 doing a CAM simulation. Unfortunately I can’t upload a video to this forum, but it’s really neat. Took a while to figure out cutters and toolpaths (I only got as far as a facing cut) but seems pretty powerful.

That said, there’s a point of diminished returns too - The elegance and simplicity of of Camlab will probably do for 99% of longmill work. But if you wanted to machine complex waxes for investment casting you could, for example.

I didn’t know F360 could do that. Just started learning it 1.5 weeks ago