Missing bolts for assembly

Assembling my Longmill today. My bolt pack was labeled “batch 5”, however I was sent the old style router mount. This left me without the 4 m5x12mm bolts needed. The package was also short 4 m8x16mm bolts, but had lots of extra m5x25mm bolts.

This seems to be due to design changes which have perhaps confused the packaging.

I’m not sure what the best fix for this is, either eliminate all the old inventory, or send enough extra of every type of bolt to cover whatever version of parts are sent; but It’s very frustrating to have to stop work twice to go to the hardware store to buy bolts!

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Hi John!

For the M8x16mm bolts, you can simply use the M8x25mm for the shoulder brackets.

For the old router mount, we can send you a new router mount if you’d prefer so that the hardware you have will work. In any case please get in touch with us at Technical Help | Sienci Labs so we can continue the convo there.


Thank you for the reply, Kelly. I read that in the instructions, however there were no M8x25 bolts either. Only an abundance of M5x25. I’ve already bought the missing bolts, so I could complete my build. I only bring this up because I’ve seen other people post the same problem (Facebook group I think).

Another suggestion might be to add the parts list at the beginning of the instructions. Something like "before getting started: Your package should contain “x” M8 bolts, “x” M5 bolts, “xM4 bolts, etc.”

Again, for me, the bigger frustration was not the missing bolts per se (sh*t happens), but the fact that I twice got to a certain step, had to stop what I was doing and run to the hardware store.

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