Mistakes Removing Tabs

Just thought I’d give a fun anecdote (and a heads up) about removing tabs…

I discovered that I can pretty easily remove tabs, or even uncut material (say, if you purposefully don’t cut all the way through an outside profile because of bit length) on my little bandsaw. It really is little - not all that great for anything advanced, but can do the trick for thin pieces as long as I don’t need any real throat space.

Anyway, don’t you know I got a bit too arrogant, and what seemed like easy going cutting tabs off turns into just cutting into the part of the wood I want to keep. Several curse words and a lot of sanding later, things are pretty well recovered.

The moral of the story though comes from when my wife asked me what I was making when I came in from the garage. I paused for a bit (since it’s a bit of a surprise), thought, and answered “Mistakes”.

May all your mistakes be small!