Mixing Hobbies - Tap Handles

Homebrewing is one of my hobbies, so the longmill with a laser has been a fun addition. No more boring chalk board tap handles. Now I need to build a shelf to hold all of the various tap handles as I try new beers.

A mix of maple, cherry, oak and aspen.

(no association with Austin’s in Libertyville…)


I like the mixtures of wood types and the effect of the laser, Jay. Smooth work :beers:

Nice work fellow homebrewer! Did you cut out the wood with the Longmill?

Yep, this is my latest one. 1/8 bit for the pattern cutout, v bit for brick face, laser for burning the shield. Can’t see it now, but the shield has a tenon on the back and the castle face has a mortice so I didn’t have to worry about alignment.


Very nice!

I’ve been doing my tap handles on my 3D printers and want to add wood and metal to my options.


Are these right off the printer or did you paint them afterwards?

Haven’t gotten a printer yet, might break down next year and grab one.

I have made them in components the body, tops, and center plates are all separate. It makes them much easier to post process and paint. I have 3 printers a Wahoo Duplicator, A JGAuraora, and a Tronxy A5s, These were built as giveaways at a beer festival my brew club attends.

These are great!
You have a laser installed on your longmill? That is something that I really want to do in the future so that I do not need 2 devices. Can you give a little info on your laser? I know that there is another thread on here that has a laser installation, just curious if you did the same.

My unit is a Sansmart unit. Others have gone with a Bangood unit and some with the Endurance models. Lots of good info in the laser posts.

It works great now, took some tuning. Grab some resistors in case you need a pull down, my unit sourced so much current/voltage that the longmill couldn’t pull it down to 0 on the PWM pins.