Modification for end of Board machining. End Grain

I had a job early on I was asked about to look at. I could not figure out how to do it mostly because of inexperience. However I was able to Modify my table to accept the machining of the end of the board. Here is how I did it. Hope the pictures are in order. They writing I did on the table is self explanatory. I used my skill saw to do the cuts in the table first. Then the rest is as described.


Greg, while waiting for my CNC to arrive, I’ve been working on plans for my base and table. Your idea of a vertical mounting arrangement is really attractive to me, because I’m wanting to use my system to machine dovetail joinery in cabinets.
So, here’s a few questions:

  1. now that you’ve had this feature, how well did it work out for you, and, perhaps more important, what changes would you do if you had to do it all over again?

  2. who did you ensure that the slot was in line with the CNC? I’m thinking I’ll lay out the web framing for the torsion box to accommodate this feature then do the final cutting with the CNC.

  3. have you thought about making the cutout wider, and if so, has that worked out for you?

Thanks for any advice or ideas to help me out.