Multiple XY zero setting on one cut

I have multi layer/level project (Jewelry box) that I want to cut from 1 piece of wood. Can/How can I set automatic XY settings for each layer/level?

Am I trying to do this wrong?

Hi @jlfonck1 welcome!

What package are you using to prepare your cuts? I know how to do that with Fusion 360, but it doesn’t look like that’s what you’re using.

You’re not doing anything wrong - just need someone to chime in with the way for your workflow!

@jlfonck1 welcome,

I’ll take my shot at it. if your cutting out of 1 piece of wood you shouldn’t need to design anything more. the pic you posted would be the overall board your cutting out and the gcode knows where your xy is for each piece. Just create your tool paths.

  1. (load drill) Drill all holes for all 4 levels in first tool path
  2. (load pocket tool)Do all your pocket cuts for all levels
  3. (load cut through tool, if diff)Do all inner cut throughs
  4. (load cut through tool, if diff)Do all outer cuts throughs

3&4 can be combined but you’ll want inners first.

Hope that was what you were looking for. If not could you describe more of automatic xy setting your asking about.

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