My design for a magnetic dust shoe

Designed for the Longmill 30x30 but I think it would fit the Mk2 as well. I have tested this and posted a video of it working on Youtube
After rough cutting to a depth of .540 over 5 passes there was really no need for any cleanup. No dust escaped as you can see in the video.
For those interested I have placed the STL files on Thingiverse as a free download along with instructions and links to the magnets and brush material. About Gadget047 - Thingiverse


I broke my stock dust shoe, and have been looking for a replacement. Thank you for sharing, I’ll give it a try.

Let me know how it works for you when completed.

Nice I like it, where did you get the brush parts?

Both brush and magnets were purchased on Amazon

Finally got time, and magnets for it. It does work, but I think I need to shorten the brushes. Using a 2 hp. HF dust collector, and it still seems to leak a fair amount of air. Maybe just my set up.

I was just using a shop vac with a dust cyclone inline. I didn’t get any dust outside of the cut. Perhaps the difference between the vacuum and dust collector was why you had more leakage. Anyway, thanks for the feedback. It might help others decide whether to build or not.

I used the longer brushes so they would contact the material at zero and follow the depth without having the bristle stiffness cause any loss of steps in the drive motors…