My first 2 laser projects

I was gifted a 5.5 watt laser when a buddy of mine upgraded. I printed a mount for
the longmill and here are my first 2 laser projects.

This one the plans for the trike were on Etsy and I designed and printed the planters. Plan
on putting some edible herbs in it for my niece’s birthday.

The second one I designed in OpenSCAD. It could have been designed in 2D but I
like seeing how it should fit together in 3D.

So many joints, but it went together pretty easy.

It’s nice when it comes out looking like the design!

Thanks for reading and happy milling/cutting.


So many variables to think about and implement correctly!

You hit it just right on both designs. +1

@_Michael Nice job Michael! Wish I had a friend like yours. I am quite impressed with both of your projects! Still waiting for my MK2 (hopefully soon). I want to get the hang of using it and then get into the whole laser engraving or cutting. Keep posting projects, we enjoy seeing what folks come up with.
Be safe!

Michael, Nice job! Really like the draw cabinet.