My First CNC Carve

Hi All! Here is my first CNC carve. To be honest I have done a couple of Laser projects, and a couple of leveling jobs - yes leveled everything but my waste board :woozy_face:
So a little over 1 month ago my boss turned in her resignation, I work in healthcare and she started the building over 5 years ago when I was built. We wanted to recognize her and her achievement, SO I volunteered to make a “fair well gift” so here was the thought get signatures and carve them into a fancy board…,. Cause how hard could that be?!>.
Well after over 150 hours I figured almost every way it would not work, but remaining hopeful and a lot of talking to myself “get getting closer” . Then weekend before the party I finally figured it out. Not to mention the Phone call and text messages to Garrett @ IDC Wood Craft and Jason @ Sienci Labs I was getting the idea this was not a first timers project.

So this is what I started with

And signatures that were emailed, texted and handed to me walking down the hallways on paper.

Let’s do a little carving

Wow this might actually work…. 2 days before it’s being presented

End of a long day and the carving is done and Carol my girlfriend and technical advisor finished painting the signatures

1 day before - sanding, lots of sanding

Coat it then add the finial piece - Ikenna can’t leave you out. I got the architectural drawing of the building and lasered it into a piece of slate…. OK I just got yelled out “its a post not a book Mike”

HERE IT IS… I am very proud