My First design and build

I just completed my first design and build. Made a backlit shadow box address plaque for our home. It was made with Cedar and all cuts were with a 1/8" endmill using the stock speed and feed. V-Carve desktop and G-Sender were the programs of choice.


It looks good, I really like it.

Is the white part another material? hdpe

That is awesome, great job sir!

@Sweethand03 That looks great, Dan. I may steal your idea. What are you using for lighting?

Its just white plexiglas.


I just used a spare LED light fixture I had lying around. Who knew hoarding was beneficial :slight_smile:


That looks great! I am inspired. :slightly_smiling_face:


@CathyK Hi there, not attempting to steal the thread, but rumor has it that this was your first post here. I would like to welcome you to the forum! Lots of amazing people here who are willing to help! Also lots of good information within the forum. Grab your favorite beverage and have a look around. Once again, welcome!

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@Sweethand03 Excellent project! Can not show my bride this or she will want one too.

Thanks Jake. Yes, I’m a newbie, slowly testing the waters. Thanks so much for the welcome!