My first successful laser engrave

First project completed since building my 30 x 30 Longmill with laser attachment. White paint on white tile, 1800 speed, 80% power. Image showing is after cleaning paint off with asetone. Image is permanent. Very pleased with the outcome. This has been a learning experience for me with lots more to learn. I call it “Father & Daughter “. It’s a picture of my son and granddaughter.


@ShadeTree Very nicely done!

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Nice Job!!

Quick question , which lens did you use?

Thanks Erik,

Used G2. Also bought the 3E lens. I did another tile with a different image using 3E lens with great results. I’ll try and upload it when I get a chance.

I’m all new to this. I’m just wondering if you would be able to explain how to convert a picture to a laser file? Thanks