My laser wont burn anything now

Been trying to use my laser. Had trouble getting the image light as I wanted without getting parts of it too light. The first image I did turned out ok using the G2 lens .but then I tried it again a few days later using the 3 element lens and the dark parts were black and the light parts just showed the wood. Then today I decided to try using different lenses. All of a sudden the laser wont burn anything on any setting. I can focus the lenses but no burn. The dip switch is set on 5, 100% power, the laser will shine a light on the material but suddenly it’s not burning. Any sugestions will be appreciated.
The image below is my latest attempt before the laser quit burning.

Hey Kgerald,

That sounds like my worst nightmare, right there. I am a beginner at using the laser too, and get fine results with it. A laser not burning at high outputs is remarkable. I use a piece of slate to zero and focus the laser because it will burn the project during the process. Even at 1% it does this. I had the lens cap drop out during a project, and even then I got some burning done.

I can only think of two problems. One is something is (partly) blocking the laser diode or your electronic box is not working properly. The last problem is worth opening a ticket for. I’m sure sienci can help you out when the electronics don’t work as they should.

I hope you can sort hit out and am curious about what is causing your nightmare.

Update on my laser problems. I received an email from Ikenna Ofoha with instructions to set my eeprom settings to (s value max to $30 = 255 and set the dip switch to #4) . I have done that and checked all settings.
I couldn’t download a file he asked me to download but I downloaded an image of the Material test card I found. I didn’t have any 3mm material, but I used 3/4-inch plywood to test if it would burn at all. Up to this point all I’ve been getting was a blue light and no burn. If I’d gotten any burn, I’d have bought some 3mm material and run the test he recommended. At first, I got the blue light but no burn. Then it quit shinning any light at all. That was about 2 weeks ago. I emailed him with pictures but haven’t received a reply yet.
Today I went through all the setting to be sure I’d checked everything and when I tried the laser in Gsender, switched to Laser, it blinked a couple of times and once came on for a short time, then stopped working again. When it shined a light it looked white this time. Still no burn. I tried to check all the wires connected to the laser. Still nothing. I had a project I was wanting to do and several Ideas for projects using the laser. Now I’m stuck. I realize that Mr. Ofoha is very busy but it seems the turn around time for these emails are pretty long. Maybe he’s having trouble figuring out what’s wrong with my laser. I imagine these things are complicated. Maybe he’ll figure it out soon.

I have exactly the same issue, used it last week with no issues, went to use it today (nothing was changed) and now I get the blue laser light but no burn. If you do get a response I’d be grateful if you posted here.