My Longmill just arrived and

… now I’m completely overwhelmed. LOL. I opened all the boxes like it was Christmas looked at everything and thought to myself, I need more coffee.

I think I’ll take it on in the morning


Congrats Swinly, Take it slow, it’s not a race lol., you will learn more that way. Be sure to watch the multi part videos put out by Sienci on assembling, note a few errors are in the videos therefore rely on the instructions for actual assembling. Those videos point out many interesting features and provides great explanations on certain things.
Good Luck !

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Mine came yesterday too!! I am taking it nice and slow to put it all together!!


@AndyBlue Enjoy the process, BTW your shop will never look that clean again!

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Make sure and refer to the videos along with the instructions and like all said - take slow and easy and enjoy the journey.

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