My Push Block Work Hold Clamps are done

This is my design of a Lithophane Photo Nightlight Box. They make great gifts. I sell a good many of these.

@jmaree You may want to change the title of this project. Your title refers to push block hold down clamps. The project is making nightlight boxes. Also, at about minute 14 of your video, the sound disappears and the speed of your steps in making the lithophane is so fast that it is not understandable. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok, Yea, the focus of this is on the clamp. For the reason of posting this to the CNC forum, I don’t know if anyone here even has a 3D printer. So I kinda blew past the 3D printing section.

I can do a video on how I designed the legs in Fusion 360. and converted the photos into Lithophanes. It is very easy with a free online tool.


@jmaree Understood. I was confused because the title of the post refers to the clamps, but the title of the video is “This is my design of a Lithophane Photo Nightlight Box”. The video really deals with how you cut and assembled the box, so that title of the video makes sense.

I understand now why you sped through the lithophane part.

Tks for the explanation.