Need a Finish for an Address Sign (Spar or somthing else)

I finished an address sign for a neighbor. I remembered them saying they didn’t want a plastic-looking finish if I could avoid it. I mentioned I normally use spar-urethane because of the UV protection but would look around for other options.

I briefly talk to a chainsaw carver at a local store and he mentioned using Thompson’s Water Seal. He tells his customers to maintain the carving and coat as needed. Depending on the size of the carving he gives the can along with it. He did say he stopped using spar because of it eventually peeling. That was all I could get out of him before his phone rang.

Does anyone have any experience with it or any other ideas? I am a little skeptical about the Thompson’s water seal…

Have you considered any oil finishes - linseed / tung / teak? Might be able to get a really nice look and some good weather protection.

They would all need periodic maintenance touch up - but generally I think they are forgiving and won’t peel.

A quick google of tung / teak / linseed oil will turn up various comparisons and pros and cons. If you can share the results of whatever you do end up selecting, I’m sure we would all love to see them!

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I do quite a few outdoor signs for our Etsy postings

I normally will use the water-based poly cleric to seal the signs you can buy this a lowes.

I normally apply 2 coats

Leaves a good looking sign when dry

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Here is a partial pic of the address sign. I don’t remember the actual size but it is approx 11" x 22" I decided to put a few coats of lacquer on first and then I will put a marine spar on. I wanted to lessen the warm tone from using only a spar finish. This is the first coat of lacquer. I still have some light sanding to do.