Need adapters for your shop vac? Make them

I need a few and I am considering this too.


That’s an interesting approach to making an adapter :+1: thanks for sharing Greg

Very welcome Like I said I need to make a couple. This may fit the bill for me.

I have used this method before. Takes a bit of time to get the table saw set up to the jig though. On the plus side you can bore the pvc hole on your LongMill.

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Hey all, new here poking around as I wait for my Longmill. I do something different and it is pretty easy. I glue 2 pieces of 3/4 MDF squares together larger than the diamter of the pipe needed, my 4 inch jigs are 5 inch squares. Once dry, find center and then drill a hole using a hole saw to the size needed to fit the ID of the pipe being inserted into. Chamfer the top inside edge of the hole slightly. Heat the PVC that needs to be reduced, rotating it constantly to heat with a heat gun. Once it gets soft and pliable push it into the reducer jig and let it cool. You keep the integrity of the pipe thickness, don’t need to play with a saw and make the jig once and reuse as needed.

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I haven’t done it yet but I do intend to make my reduce/adapter rings on the machine itself in the future. You can either laminate two pieces together to get your thickness, or with the CNC you can cut it out of two different odd sized pieces of scrap and glue them afterwards since they should be identical.

On a similar note -

I did make a nice little adapter has an outside lip and next to that a nice little groove ring that is just a bit larger than the thickness of the wall of my large dust vac host. Then a raised center with 1/8" holes in a grid. Basically a grill to stop larger items from being sucked up when cleaning.

Suction holds it on the end of the hose and the dust flies up the circles but everything else gets held on the end and you just slide it off with your hand as you work along cleaning. I used a very small scrap piece of 3/4" to make it.

It does get clogged up fairly quickly sometimes, if you have larger debris in the area, but it has stopped me sucking up various small bits of hardware and it’s a quick and easy solution. All you need to do is wipe the larger items off and keep on trucking.

At some point I may remake it and try and optimize the hole sizes and layout for better suction, but it works well enough for now.


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