Need help understanding why the program plunges then comes back up at the start of a project

New to this I have the long mill 30x30 and I am using g sender with V carve 11.0. I go through and set up my project or even just trying to surface my waste board through V carve the programing starts with a plunge into the material then comes back up and continues the project not even touching the wood.

What am i missing

Not sure how Vcarve works connected to the router, but make sure you ZERO the bit to the surface,
I suspecting your router is mounted too high and its throwing off the where in space is the Zero to Z. Can you post a photo of how your router is mounted.

I currently can’t load pictures to this computer but it is set up just like the picture in the long mill ad. I am pretty sure i am missing something in the set up or programing.

@Slat Attach your crv file, please, Greg

I am not sure what you mean

@Slat The file that you saved in VCarve 11 is a .crv file. If you post it here, I can open it in VCarve and see what’s happening.

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Processing: New1.crv…

@Slat Greg: I don’t know why, but that is not a file attachment that I can download and run.

When you reply to this, click on the icon at the top of the message window that is an upwards arrow. That will open a window that allows you to navigate to the file and attach it.