Need help with this toolpath

Having an issue with drilling my peg holes. When the file starts the first few holes are offset. Not sure what the problem is. I recreated the tool path this morning which didn’t help. I also thought it may be my vacuum hose getting in the way but I verified that too this morning, and that wasn’t the problem. Need help, this is the 3rd board that this has happened to. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance

What design software are you using? It looks like a problem with the design to me since it is so repeatable. What does the preview look like in the design software (Vcarve, Carbide create, etc.).

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Using VCarve, and the preview looks fine. I even created this tool path again this morning and it still looks good.

I’ve got two thoughts. First, you could try running you gcode file on NCViewer ( and see if the holes are jogged. If they are the problem is in the file and not the machine.
My second thought to check for something mechanical is to try placing your work piece in a different area of the spoil board. See if the same holes are off.

Thank you for the info