Nema motor upgrade

I am going to be purchaasing a Longmill this month coming. I have a spindle that i will be using but am concerned about the weight and the limit of the Z axis motor. I am looking into nema 34 motors and wanted to know which i should be looking for?

How heavy is the z axis including the spindle?

The spindle itself is between 10 - 15 lbs. a palm router is half that approximately.

right, but the Z axis is not just spindle
my Z axis entirely, the thig the the motor actuates, with all elements its around 20Kg or 45lbs and i have a nema 23 closed loop, and i can double the weight probably under load and it’s doing fine so start from there

@leafburner With respect to @iuliancalin , you should really read the spindle weight limitations in the Sienci pages. The max weight is nowhere near the weight that he is advising. As I recall, he does not have a LongMill so I would strongly recommend that you keep in mind the limitations of the Long Mill.

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right so i took a look at the machine itself, and i have to say, it doesn’t look that powerfull, especially with those rails, so a nema 34 will be overkill for the entire machine.
Those nema 34 are meant for this kind of spindles and above
if you really want to upgrade the motors go with nema 23 closed loop
but also i don’t think you will need to upgrade, you’ll have to try and see how it will perform

@leafburner The Makita weighs just under 4 lbs.
As far as closed loop motors, you should check with Sienci. I don’t believe it’s as simple as replacing the stock open ones with closed ones. I could very well be wrong, but I don’t believe the controller is compatibel with closed loop motors.
Be sure to read the Sienci blog posts concerning installing a spindle on the Long Mill. I am a big fan of the LM, but with the changes that you want to make going with Nema 34 motors and the spindle, you may find that the LM is not the best machine for your intended use.