Never been able to properly tension right side Y

Left side of Y gantry is tensioned as per assembly instructions but I have not been able to ever get right side tensioned correctly.

Bottom rear wheel spins easily with finger and top front wheel is easy to turn with fingers. Other 2 wheels are tight.

Even if I put the rear eccentric nut all the way closed the bottom wheel still will not tighten at all.

I have run it like this since I got it but each time I tune it I try again with no improvement.

Anyone have suggestions, ideas?


@Ryecon Hey Andrew, maybe a quick call to Sienci maybe able to help you. They seem to be really willing to help purchasers of their machine. I just tuned mine up after several months and didn’t have the issues you are describing. Please, once the solution is reached, do a quick post to the forum here to tell us what worked.
Good luck!

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@Ryecon @Jake As usual, Jake’s advice is good. While waiting for Sienci to get back to you, you may want to try levering up on the bottom of the X gantry plate when you adjust the delrin wheels. The weight of the router and the X gantry always threw me of until I stuck a wedge under the plate. Don’t wedge it too tight, just take the weight off.

Just a thought.

Contacted Sience by email and Jason replied that maybe the gantries are a little off square to each other.

Also I told him that when I run gantry to the front, the TOP of left gantry hits the end foot while the BOTTOM of right gantry hits its end foot. He suggested running it to the front and loosening the 4 gantry screws on one side, move it and then retighten. Did so and it may be a bit closer but still left side hits with top of gantry bracket and right side the bottom.

Final conclusion was if it is square enough run it as is even if one wheel is loose.

Can someone check your machine and see if you run your gantry right to the front do the gantry brackets hit the end feet evenly? Probably does not matter but just curios.

@Ryecon Hi there! I did run mine to the front and they are evenly hitting the front. Did you do the squaring sequence (it is admittedly a pain in the butt)? It took me a good couple of sessions to get it to be square. Once I tightened everything down, life has been good, with the exception of needing to adjust the wheels after many hours of use. Hope this helps!

Thank you for checking your machine for me!

I did 2 things and it is a bit better.

Built a torsion box to sit the machine on in case the plywood shelf was bowed or twisted.

Then squared it. Went from ‘move 0.54mm’ to ‘move 0.27mm’. Not sure how square is square enough.

It is better but still have one of the 4 sets of wheels with lower wheel tighter that the top one and one wheel that does not quite ride in ‘V’ of the wheel.

Just using it is.