New BETA Release

Check your spam in case the email hasn’t gone through to your inbox.

Lots more work put into this one in the last two weeks, looking forward to seeing if we’ve fixed anything or just made it all worse :wink:

Also, no more need for remembering Feedback form links, the link to submit feedback in now directly within gSender:
Submit feedback

I plan to put out a brief video next week showing off some of gSender’s functionalitites and how to navigate the settings. If you have any requests for what you’d like to see as far as a general FAQ, I can include those in the video as well as get to typing one up for a FAQ page

Have a great weekend y’all!


I would like to see a video on how to use the Touch Plate.

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Videos are complete! I put together both a quickstart video for fast reference on getting started using the current version of gSender as well as a more in-depth look at all of gSender’s features

gSender Quickstart

gSender In-depth

Y’all let me know if you have any other questions or would like for me to better explain any other aspects in the next video :cowboy_hat_face:

One thing I failed to mention is that one of the Design Principals of gSender is we made every button that moves the CNC blue. This means you shouldn’t ever find yourself startled when the machine moves unexpectedly since the colour will help to communicate whether it’s a ‘machine moving’ button or not

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Thank you very much Chris.

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Nice going, everyone. I feel you are truly listening to the users. I made a small request to allow the user to select the Install location for the program to a specific drive and location. Excellent. Well done.

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Great Videos!

I don’t know if anyone had mentioned it…

It may be in my setting… but when I do a multi cut project and I go to upload the next part of the cut I have to be careful as the program automatically opens a prior projects g-codes. I’ve started removing old codes to be on the safe side. Would be great if I opened a folder - ran a code and went to upload the next code that it opened the same folder and not another folder. If that makes any sense?

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@MNiksa Welcome aboard, Mike.

I’ll be making the same comment in my review form. It’s not your setup. The thing is that I cannot understand why it picks the folder it does. I only know that it does not pick the folder in which the immediately previous project is filed.

The new Gsender is working real well and I even got the Touch plate working. Of course I was trying to make it harder than it really is.

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In a moment of weakness and thinking it would get me back to a better place, I used the new
feature in the newest beta version 0.5.5.
Please don’t ask me why.
The result is a total lockdown of the drive motors.
When disconnected from the PC it gives out a mild hum and the motors are locked. And when the PC is connected it gives out an angry hum and the motors are locked.
Tried doubling down and do another “RESTORE FACTORY SETTINGS” without success. Please Help. I’m going into CNC withdrawal.

Update: By carefully following your instruction provided
Flashing GRBL Firmware to the LongMill
I was able to reinstall the original firmware. We are back in action. Thank you.

@Megistus Take a look at the XY step size. I know that, in UGS, defaults have them at something like 1mm per minute. They don’t seem to move at all, just hum.

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Thanks for the info. But, to have the controller lock up the motors as soon as it’s turned on, and before the software is connected, said to me that the firmware was corrupt. The installation of the original firmware has resolved my problem. Thanks

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FWIW, these are the comments that I submitted using the Google form.

  1. After doing the update, I clicked on open gsender and it did not open. In fact, it always seems to take more than one double-click on the desktop icon to get gsender to load. This has been true in previous versions, too. I just forgot to report on it.

  2. I seem to recall that, in the previous beta, the probe dimensions were set in the software by default. In this version, they are not. Since the terminology used in gsender is different that the terminology used in UGS, it was a bit confusing to know what to put into each of the dimension fields. Luckily, I had Chris’ video to refer to. I would suggest that you populate the fields by default with the Sienci probe dimensions.

  3. When running multiple toolpaths all contained in the same folder, the open project button does not return to the folder that the immediate previous toolpath was in. I would prefer that it did.

  4. I have a weird one related to the keymaps. Using your defaults, everything works well. No run-aways at all. Good work, guys. However, all is not sweetness and light. When I change any of the jogs to the * symbol, the jog will run away when I take my finger off the key. I did not try all the special character keys. I can confirm that using the / key works fine. This only matters to me as I use a keypad for my jogging.

  5. I would like the mode boxes – normal, rapid and precise – to indicate which one is live. Change the live one to a darker blue, for example.

  6. I ran a toolpath that was made up of 4 passes of increasing depth. The sender ran 3 of the passes, and then returned to XY0 as if the job was done. I mistakenly clicked on stop job before I realized that the job was not finished. I started it again. I had to run in air for the first 3 passes, but then it cut the final pass.


Excellent. Anything to better define the mode boxes has my vote.

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I used the new G sender yesterday on a bit tray I designed with 3 tool changes and it worked perfect. I one thing I think would make it better is a way to unload a file before loading new one. Leaving the one file in place and then overwrite it with another could lead to memory buffer overload.

Something I was thinking that would be a nice tool in the app is since it is displaying time running that it could write to a log file for total time the machine has ran. Just a thought. Thanks


That’s a neat idea Rob!

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A new release came a day early this week (since we’ve got the holiday tomorrow)!

I’m really REALLY hoping that jogging bugs have finally been ironed out this time. There’s a lot going on with the jogging behaviours when it comes to keybindings that just really didn’t want to work right

Some other fixes and improvements here and there as well as some new keybindings options.

I hope that in the next two weeks I’ll get to see more feature requests than bugs reports :cowboy_hat_face: :bug:

Full details in the email I sent out - and soon Closed BETA will be coming to an end which will mean BIG PUBLIC RELEASE TIME!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and thanks once again for taking the time to send your feedback to us so that we can work towards making gSender the best that it can be :slightly_smiling_face:


Another idea is to have a built-in Gcode editor. Maybe a second screen tab so when a file is loaded it can be viewed by clicking the Gcode tab.


Caution. Many of us are using small old laptops running our mills.