New Dust Shoe looks great!


Just saw the video over on the Facebook ground of the new 2.5" hose inlet dust shoe (Thanks for doing that, upgraded my vac and definitely will appreciate not having to step down the port size!). Great job.

As a bit of feedback, it would be really helpful if you guys could streamline where you post updates. It’s a bit challenging to bounce between facebook (which I’m not on normally) and the forums, and Kickstarter and the blog to try and catch any news. Maybe start bringing it in house to the forums and the blog/website and start encouraging everyone else to join us here so you can build your own community directly?


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Thanks Jeff, and thanks for the feedback. I’ll give some thought about how we distribute information in the future. You’re right about how spread out our information can be: factoring in the blog, Kickstarter page, Facebook page, and Facebook group.

If there’s one glimmer of hope, once the Kickstarter has been fulfilled then we normally cease communication through that platform since our other platforms are more accessible.

Love that new Design Chris. That is awesome.

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Thanks Greg! And @jwoody18 as a follow-up, I’ve made an “Updates” category that I think we’ll use as a form of bringing everyone up to speed over multiple platforms :+1:

We’ll test it out a little over the coming weeks: