New dust shoe off of thingiverse

Not my design at all, I found this on thingiverse.

Was the first time I tried to machine a STL on the longmill, this meant firing up fusion 360. I was able to get the main base cut out, I ended up 3d printing most of the other parts just due to my work schedule - The 3d printer sits right behind me, and I can just throw the STL on the slicer and print, instead of messing with Fusion.

However, IO do like the design of this shoe a LOT. The front comes off, allowing you to change the the bits easier. I have a dust collection system set up in my barn, so the larger diameter hose really helps with dust collection, it works significantly better.

I thought it was a good project - I may re-mix it for a 4 inch hose in the future (I have 6" pipe for the dust collector )

Anmyway, not much skill in just building something off of someone else’s instructions - they did all the hard work after all :slight_smile: Here are a couple photo’s just to see what it looks like.

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I designed one as well for a smaller 1.25" suction tube on my small shop-vac. Slips over the router and uses the Makita clamp hardware.