New guy questions

My Longmill is on its way, and I’m building the table. It will not have an enclosure. So the MK2 is the 30 x 30 model and I’m building the table to 50 x 50.

  1. can someone tell me the overhang of the router with the gantry all the way forward. I would like to clamp boards to the front for vertical milling.
  2. I’m building some cabinets to go inside the table. Drawers to hold tools, bits etc. can I safely mount the electronics inside the cabinets?
    Should I put a computer fan inside to help with cooling ?

@Bigkahunaww RE: 1 overhang, haven’t done that yet but seems like a hole in the table would work best. Hopefully masters will chime in on that one.
RE: 2 My router table with Triton 3-1/4 horse has dual dust collection. I would say suck the dust out, don’t blow it around with a fan.

Don’t have a MK2 but it doesn’t look like it has any overhang, the original didn’t. You may be interested in this thread where I show the hole in my table.

I think he means should he put a fan to blow out heat from the electronics if he puts it in a drawer. The closest I’ve seen to this is a youtuber called ‘Bucky’s Customs’ that has pegboard over his. Table Mods for Longmill 48 Inch MK1 and MK2 30x30 - YouTube (around 10:30 ish in video). That being said -I wouldn’t because if you need to push the buttons it might be a pain in the butt.

On this thread I asked - a fair number of folks on facebook shared their setups - LongMill and Mill One User Group | Facebook

Don’t love facebook but the longmill facebook group is SUPER active (like 2-3x the forum). I am not planning on putting mine somewhere hard to get because if you hit pause you can hit play again on the electronics (if you just theoretically need to adjust something and don’t want to completely restart). I’m sure you can do this in g-sender but honestly putting it in a box is overkill from my perspective if you’re trying to keep it dust free. Maybe put your legs inside the table a bit and mount underneath??