New MK2 30x30 for a CNC newbie

Got me MK2 this week, assembled after work on Thursday and Friday. Assembly isn’t exactly done, waiting on T track for the spoil board and still need to build legs for the tabletop, but got it running while sitting on my bench. Today I played around with different software and made my first project for my wife’s classroom pet tortoise.
Dust is from test run before the dust collector was added. With the dust collector my vacuum got almost everything from making this sign.
So far everything has gone smooth, really glad I pulled the trigger on this machine!


Welcome Curt! That’s awesome! I’m assuming your wife is a school teacher? If so I bet the kids will love it, and good on her, teachers are way undervalued IMHO.

Welcome! play with it, to me that’s the best way to learn. Have fun,
and I agree with Michael, teachers are undervalued.

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Welcome Codexane. You’re off to a good start. . I too only joined here less than a month ago and the people on here been great.

@Codexane Enjoy, I’ve used my Mk1 for several years and love it. I would never in my lifetime become a master, that’s what I like, always more to learn! This forum has never disappointed me as far as help goes, always available, curteous & such a wonderful resource.

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