New Mount for Sainsmart Laser

I have a Longmill Mk2 and had a fixed length laser module from Sainsmart lying around so I thought I would add it. First look around and the mounting is different than what I have found in my searches. The holes to add on are on the front rather than the side. This complicates it because it needs to fit nicely between the two screws that hold the router in place. Second issue was that the Sainsmart laser uses 6 holes on the back, not 3. So I fired up my CAD and drew one out.
Sienci Mk2 Mount for Sainsmart Lsr.stl (35.6 KB)
Sienci Mk2 Mount for Sainsmart Lsr

The two files are the STL for 3d printing it, and the other is an SVG file to cut it from acrylic.

The setup for the laser is exactly the same as the other examples. My laser control board has a 3 pin connection (pwm, gnd, 12v) so I grabbed 12v from the fan plug on the longboard, and used the pwm from the spindle. Works great.


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Very cool - I really like how you skipped the spindle tube approach!

Thanks. Works like a charm and comes off quickly when done.

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Hello @Norm258, I have a SainSmart laser as well. I made a mount similar to yours but it holds the control board as well. I also made an air assist for it and I thought I would share that model with you in case you find it useful.

air_assist_v4.stl (180.5 KB)

When printing the air assist you need to print it up side down with supports. It is then a friction fit. I didn’t put a hole for the air and the laser beam to go through in the model, I just burnt the hole with the laser after fitting it together.

Edit: Forgot to mention that if you make the air assist you need to print a new focus block 9mm tall for focusing.

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