New Table for 12x30 Longmill

Having a small workshop, I did not unfortunately have space for anything bigger than a 12x30. Oddly toyed with the idea of a 12x48 using the extension kit but that maybe a future project. Being a newbie to a CNC I thought it would be useful put some details down on my set up.

I started with a pretty conventional 24" deep work bench, cleaned it up and unscrewed the top. Length was around 62" long

Removed the top and installed a 28 x 49 x 3.5 " torsion box out of one sheet of 49 x 97" 3/4" MDF. Not sure on the odd sheet size at HD? The torsion box was made from 2" strips, 2 length ways and 5 the other, dado’s cut, glued and nailed. The extra bit left over from the sheet extended the top to give a nice desk for the electronics.

Last step but one was I added a 24x48" sheet of 3/4" MDF to the top, then cut out the centre portion to be the spoil board with the y gantries sitting on platforms so I did not lose any cut height. A small section of MDF was also latter installed to cover the electronics behind the monitor to limit dust ingress and also provide a monitor shelf giving more keyboard room.

This made for a very stiff table, and worked really well for a smaller install.


@MJDwood Welcome to the group, Mark. That’s a very fine looking set up. Please post your projects as you go.

Just an FYI, the sheets of MDF are 49 x 97 so that they can be squared up to a 4 x 8 sheet.

Have fun.

Clean, well done Mark!

@MJDwood WELCOME to the forum Mark! Lots of good people here all willing to assist you with your CNC. Nice clean install of your machine. What are you planning on making with your CNC?

Again welcome!

I like to do edge grain glue ups of various domestic and exotic hardwoods to cut into bowls and trays using a router and circle guide. The CNC allows me to expand to more than just circles, squares and rectangles. I have Vectric 2D to start and plan to upgraded latter to use the 3D carve and moulding tool paths.

@MJDwood excellent Mark! Don’t be shy about posting your creations. Being a new guy here, I genuinely enjoy seeing other peoples work. I have thus far only done V carves making plaques for memorials and badges. Have a great day and thanks for being a part of the Sienci forum!