New to the Group!

Just stopping in to say hello!

I placed an order for the LongMill 30x30 on Friday, now feeling kind of like a kid watching for Santa’s Sleigh to arrive. But think it will be brown and not red. :joy: Got to decide on what kind of table to make, been reading about what others have done on here. I work a full time day job, 50 hrs every week. Slowly building up my tools and hoping to slow down with the day job! What I’m looking forward to making are, custom cutting boards, signs and custom wooden Flags.

Haven’t done much yet, but loved making cutting boards when I was younger. Just love being creative and trying to get ideas from my head into reality. I’m on Facebook a lot watching all the woodworking/CNC groups I can. And YouTube has been good to me but I’ve got start making mistakes, because I know I will.


Greetings from the cornfields outside of Oskaloosa, Iowa! I just joined today, haven’t ordered mine yet, although I may have a line on a new unit that someone decided they didn’t want. Was going to IM you, but haven’t figured out how to do that yet. It is nice to see someone reasonably close. Might we be able to bounce ideas off each other? Welcome, and looking forward to seeing you go through the process of assembly and getting started!

What software are you planning on using?


I wasn’t sure about pulling the trigger on it, but since there’s so much you can do with a nice CNC; I just had too! For software, I downloaded Vcrave Pro and gSender. Just started to play around with Vcrave, but can’t do much with gSender until the CNC is hooked up to it.

I just got mine going - made a 4" base to keep the MDF flat, and to keep the machine semi-portable. 3" x 3/4" plywood for the frame, 1/5" plywood on the bottom. I went 51" wide to leave room for the components to fit on one side::

Gluing it up:

Hope this helps.

-Mike M

@ExMileCC Welcome to the group, Kent. As you have already seen, you will find many users here ready and willing to jump in to answer questions, help solve problem, and generally commiserate about Mill operations.

As to learning about Vectric VCarve, I strongly recommend Mark Lindsay’s Youtube series on Vectric for Beginners. Mark not only knows his stuff, but is able to communicate it clearly and precisely for anyone just starting out or advanced users.


Excellent! By all means share your experiences. I did not obtain the “new” unwanted Sienci CNC so my search continues. Sienci is on my short list of companies. I have been quite impressed with the level of customer support given via this forum. I downloaded the trial version of VCarve Pro and went through a number of tutorials without much difficulty. My biggest issue was running Windows on a Mac, and I believe I have that pretty well down pat. Although I think when I pull the trigger on the software and CNC, I will purchase a dedicated Windows laptop. No sense in bringing my Mac into the workshop.

On a different note, I made an outfeed table for my table saw this fall. I laminated plywood for the legs and stretchers which makes for a rock solid base. I believe I will make another one for my CNC. It is scalable in size and with a tortion box top, would create a good foundation for what ever unit I purchase. It has mortise and tendon joints to help with the structure.

I apologize for the picture being sideways, but you can get the drift of what I am writing about.
Take care!