New to the Long Mill and to the group

I just bought a used Long Mill version 1 and got it set up in my woodworking shop.

I live near Smith Falls Ontario.

I have some experience on a Laguna CNC lathe, on a Biesse CNC router and on a couple of grbl hobby CNC routers… I bought the Long Mill on the advice of a co-worker who is the moderator on this forum

I have much to learn, but have been able to get the Long Mill running successfully using VCarvePro as the CAD/CAM application and gSender has the machine interface. As I already had a laser module, I am using Ligbt Burn to run it.

I believe that this group will help me in my learning journey. With time, I should be able to contribute.



Welcome to the group! I hope you enjoy your LongMill. Sounds like your on the right track software wise. I think Lightburn is better for the laser and VCarve is great for the carving.

Again welcome, and I can’t wait to see what you build!

Hello! @alanan And welcome to the forum! Lots of good folks here for sure! This forum is one of the main reasons I purchased my MK2. Can’t wait to see what you design and carve.

Once again, welcome for the cornfields of Iowa!


Tks much for the welcomes and the thumbs up.

It will be a while until I have something to show. First order of business is fitting a dust shoe. I have the newest from Sienci, but I am not overly impressed by how well it “sucks” and I really don’t want to lose all that X travel. Gwilki has a few designs that he has played with and I can poach them. Today, I am playing with making the brackets to fit one of them.