New to this machine: help me set it up

So I bought this machine awhile back and haven’t used it since I got it off Craigslist due to family health issues and the BC floods that destroyed my home. Finally getting back to normal…. anyways…

I got it off a very neat guy that set up a bunch of new features so I’m not sure if the manual or YouTube videos would be the same / help.

Wondering if I can send photos of what it looks like and someone can tell me what goes where lol

Welcome to the forum!
You have a LongMill 30x30 MK1 machine. It appears that pretty much all of the mechanical components are assembled, but mainly you need to hook up the wiring, dust collection, and a laptop.
If you want to go straight to the wiring, you can access those original assembly instructions here:

To familiarize yourself with the entire machine though, I would recommend you run through the instructions for the entire assembly process, as it will be very helpful for you in the long run to understand all of the working parts of the machine. Here is that link:

I have also attached a PDF of the photo you posted with most of the parts labeled for you.
Good luck!
Components labeled.pdf (408.0 KB)

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