New User - End Mill Starter Set

Hey Everyone,

Just in the process of finishing up my cnc build, I have purchased the End Mill Starter Set to play around with while I figure out all the limitations of the machine. I currently use Mastercam at work and the company hired a guy about 5 years ago to set up all the feed rates and spindle speeds so I don’t have much experience when it comes to this part of machining. I have watched a couple YouTube videos and everyone is different, just curious if anyone has a starting point chart for the bits included in the End Mill Starter Set that can be purchased from Sienci.

Thanks for the help.

@DrewBSC Welcome to the group, Drew. Over time, you will find, through experimentation, what works best in terms of feeds and speeds. I keep a journal since my recall is far from “total”. I have found that a good starting point is the chart found here:

Keep in mind that many of the charts available online are for commercial machines that are more robust than our Mills. This guy gets that and offers good advice:

Have fun


Thanks for the reply and the info.