Newbie CNC progress


Still a newbie, but making more progress. Thought I’d post some pics and descriptions so as to help the community…

I added a dust collection system. The Oneida Dust Deputy with a 10 gallon can, the Vacmaster Beast (12 gal, 5.5HP) shop vac, the Sienci dust shoe, some extra 2" tubing and 5 clamps came in at around $400 US. The PVC I found lying around. That plus the yellow bag in the shop vac really helps keep the dust down.

Here’s a picture of the whole setup:

I wanted to have a stand for the computer attached to the entire unit, but decided to build a separate table instead. So far I like the portability. I added a switched outlet (sorry, cut off in the photo at the left) so I can turn the router and the dust collection system on and off together.

Here’s a picture of the cyclone and shop vac:

I added a couple of pieces of plywood and an old web clamp to make the two units act as one:

The sawhorses are temporary - want to make a cabinet base, and am thinking about the option of carving vertically, per some of Chris’ videos… still scratching my head…

I made some gcode with Easel and am sold on gsender to drive it. Learned how to use the XYZ touchplate - which is very cool when it works…

Have made a few more carves and am starting to grok the system.

That’s all for now. Hope these details will help someone, and of course feedback is welcome.

-Mike M

Thank you for sharing this info and pics. I’m currently still trying to figure out the direction I’m going to go in with dust collection.