No Soliciting Sign

Free Stuff!!
NO (4.0 MB)
Not enough free stuff here so…
Created with Vectric Aspire but should work with Desktop and Pro also. Please double check and let me know.
Paw prints are from our male 12 yo male Rottie (prints are not actual size), euthenised on 9/17/21.
Feeds and speeds were created for Longmill MK1 30x30 with Makita router.


Great @RickW. Always welcome free stuff. Keep it coming.

@RickW Tks much, Rick. I can confirm that it will open in VCarvePro 11.

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@RickW - Since created in Aspire 11 will not open in previous levels.

Now if only those that keep coming to sale me solar would be able to read… I will make this and add it to my custom sign with a bird feeder in my front yard near the driveway. Can not wait to get my MK2 48x30 in July.

Grant, thanks for checking. Have a 3D bowl for you to check coming soon, may or may not work with Vcarve. I didn’t upgrade Vcarve Desktop to v11. Just made the jump to Aspire.
Heyward, nope, can’t save as a previous version but the gcode is not version specific and will run just fine with Gsender V1.0.6 on a MK1 30x30.
Jack, those solar sales dorks inspired this sign! I agree, they can’t read or trained to ignore. Baby Rubie Rottweiler hit the front door and scared the S*** out of the last one though! Didn’t have to train her to do that and was fun to watch. No Soliciting is a legal thing in CO…