Not making it though 3mm

Ok my dip is on 5 , lens has been cleaned and still dont have cut though at 2 .2 mm/sec. Speed and 100% power at 8 passes with 1mm step down wach pass.

What should I check because something is still not right? Any help is appreciated.
Design in lightburn and laser though gsender with sienci laser.

Thanks in advance

@Ssuthe5567 Confirm that you have Smax in LB and $30 set to the same value.

They are the same in lightburn

@Ssuthe5567 Is your cut successful using only LB?

Haven’t tried just LB usually send though gsender

@Ssuthe5567 Are you setting Smax in LB to 255?

Are you using the laser module in gSender? If so, check what the “laser power”/“max power” is set to. I don’t use this setting in gS, but in my installation the max power is set to 100. I believe that is the default. If your installation says the same thing and you have set sMax in LB to 255, you have a mismatch. Your gcode will be written assuming $30 is set to 255 since that is what you set in LB. However, your actual $30 setting will be 100.

If you are setting Smax to the same value as the max power in gSender, ignore all this. :grinning:

They are the same. however is there a difference in gsender edge and gs i know edge is a test program when they add new things to test before adding to gsender but edge had same settings as GS

@Ssuthe5567 If Edge has the same settings as gS, there should be no performance difference. Post your gcode if you like and I and others can see if anything jumps out. If I were you, since you designed this in LB, I would simply cut it in LB. If that works, then you know the issue is something going on between LB and gS.

I assume that you have focused the laser??

Not sure if this will help but I would not use that much step down each pass. What I do for a step down is divide the thickness of the material by the number of passes to calculate the Z step down. So 0.375mm in your stated case of 3mm material at 8 passes. That should help to maintain the proper focal length from the material. Just a thought and it maybe it is not what is causing your problem but the way I see it on the eighth pass you are at least 5mm out of focus.

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