Not remembering machine

Finally got a few projects cut using Easel, but a couple of issues. Main one is after shutting down the machine and laptop, upon reopening it seems the Easel program doesn’t remember the CNC machine and I have to re enter all the info, size, router etc. I can cut multiple projects OK but as soon as I shut down everything and restart, back to square one. Any ideas how to ‘lock in’ the info permanently? Drivers installed as per instructions.
Second, I seem to be getting noticeable chatter marks regardless of bit choice. I just did a small v bit carve and marks are quite noticeable on curved areas especially. New bit, around 20K rpm, all settings as per Easel setup for MDF, which are very close to Longmill supplied specs. Bit is tight and seated deeply into collet. Suggestions?

Did you start Easel as administrator? Maybe its an issue of permission.

I’ve not used Easel, so I can’t help on your first issue.

As to your second, vcarving in MDF should yield good results. Notwithstanding any charts on feeds and speeds, I would slow down the plunge rate and the feed rate. You can slow down feed in UGS on the fly, so if you hear chatter, slow it down while running and see if that helps. Also, make sure that your work piece is very solid. Any small movement will give you chatter marks.

Sparky, are you signing in when you go into Easel? If you’re a guest is starts over.

Chatter is almost always caused by speeds & feeds. I’ve found the default speeds in most programs are too conservative, and while they don’t hurt anything, they don’t give the best results. Depending on your species of wood - harder slower, how deep you’re going - deeper slower, what kind of toolpath you’re doing - V-Carve, pocket, etc. they can vary widely.

I generally start a new trial at 50-70 IPM and 15K RPM in soft wood. I change the router seed on the fly and use the override in UGS until it look and sounds right. If I’m going to make several, I may go back and regenerate the file.

Winston Moy, either on his own or on the Carbide 3D channel on YouTube has some very good videos on determining good speeds & feeds on most kinds of stock.

Keep at it, it will be fun.


Not sure, I opened an account with a password, am I missing something else?

Not sure, I opened an account with a password, Should I be doing something else as well?