Notice this when moving the machine

I clamped a long level so the back feet had a good reference. My rear motor’s hung off the back of my table so decided to move it towards the front since I had the room. I clamped a carpenters square to see how it lined up with the mounting feet and it is off by quite a bit. When I mount the right side should the feet be completely aligned?

Also I noticed all the large bolts that attach the feet to the aluminum rails were very loose. does anyone use like the blue thread lock to keep them from loosening?

It’s the same on my machine the feet don’t line up on the inside of the machine. I think they do line up on the outside of the machine. I have never used thread lock on my LongMill so I can’t help you there.

@_Michael thanks for pointing that out on the sides. I have just been fixing stuff i put off, think that’s differed maintenance, after the new spoil board with poor leveling results got me thinking. Current setup motors hit the wall first, maybe not the best of plans, move it forward, I had some room.

I can now set a fence square to both X & Y.

Cleared away some wood on the laptop drawer to allow movement and closing the drawer. Bought a laptop cooler pad that fits under the laptop in the drawer.

Everything is now aligned and thanks, to your help better than ever.

I say done! Three years use and what is my advice, re tighten everything there is to tighten, probably every 10 hours or so, these machine vibrate a lot so expect things to loosen up, I’ve considered blue lock tite, not sure if that works well with the 3D printed feet. Second the stupid v wheels, I think checking the bottom wheels resistance makes more sense and is easier than messing with the top wheel tension. Why? If the bottom wheels have the same stiff tension, you’re probably good!

This machine requires some up keep, get out the allen wrenches, check everything, if you don’t, I have learned you will loose accuracy.