Nov 16 LaserBeam Update from Ikenna

Good news from Ikenna!

Hi all, I have a new laser update, which you can find here:

To summarize:

  • LaserBeam has passed independent testing

  • Driver PCBs will be ordered in bulk

  • FDA reports will be filed

  • We are continuing to assemble and package the other components for shipping

Things are wrapping up!


Great news. Do we think we will see the lasers befor end of the year ??

Hi Dave,

If you’ve pre-ordered the laser before November 4th then yes, we should start shipping before the end of the year.


Perfect I think I was number 1 or 2 when ordered on the day of release

It would be helpful to get an update on the current status of the Laserbeam.

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Good Morning!
Just checking in to see if there is an update on these shipping and status?
Thanks !

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Hey guys - Ikenna’s new update is here: The Final Stretch! Laser Update | Sienci Labs