November 3 - November 10, 2023 "Your Latest Project" Contest

It’s contest time! Thanks to all who shared their LongMill wooden projects this week.

We are happy to announce that Scott Addy, Melissa Clarkson, David Stokely, @CSharp66, Mark Renwick, and @_Michael are the winners of the wooden projects contest. A prize is on its way!

Share your latest CNC project made with your LongMill for a chance to win prizes in this week’s contest!

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Happy creating!

Hello again,

Here my latest projects from today on the laserbeam with the 3 element lense.

Bitcoin stylized Guy Fawkes bamboo cutting board

Bitcoin cork pot holder

Bitcoin cork coasters

The settings on the bamboo was
25 mm/sec
72.5% power
0.170 line spacing
About 1.5 hour burn time

The settings on the cork was
100 mm/sec
30% power
0.170 line spacing

The pot holder took about 30 minutes

For the 12 coasters it was 2 hours burn time total

I made these for my friend @BitcoinManor who will be selling these on his website that specializes in bitcoin merchandise.

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